Bathroom Cleaner Gets A Vegan Beauty Award!

Bathroom Cleaner Gets A Vegan Beauty Award!

Yes, you read it right!  Straight after receiving and testing the goodies we sent to them, The Vegan Beauty Awards told us that they wanted to create a whole new category called ‘home’ so that both our zero-waste Bathroom Cleaner spray and our all-natural Hand & Body Foam Soap can be showcased on their website. And although they have a variety of different categories, our eco-friendly home products are the first home ones to be listed, which we are more than on board with!


To create beauty in the bathroom you need a bathroom cleaner spray with healthy, vegan ingredients.


Plus, our pH-balanced Shampoo & Conditioner MightyPodettes has become a fan favourite with the Vegan Beauty Award's team, helping our MightyPodettes become award-winning and getting a helluva good review. How pretty bonkers brilliant is that?


If you want to have a quick sneak peek at it, click on the links below: 




Above is The Vegan Beauty Awards review of our Shampoo & Conditioner MightyPodettes

What does the CEO of Vegan Beauty Awards think of us?

“I can't stress enough how exceptional this brand is! I could endlessly gush about their greatness and their incredible impact on the planet. I'm not just a fan, I'm a die-hard enthusiast, and I can't resist spreading the word about their brilliance whenever I get the chance! Just one of the many reasons I adore them so much is because of their shampoo and conditioner Podettes. These little gems are now my ultimate go-to items from their collection. If you're on the fence about natural hair products, trust me, they will win you over completely. For starters, the scents are just heavenly and continue to wondrously linger in your hair long after you've rinsed out. It's not just about the smell, though - these little bars of magic are also pH-balanced and packed with incredible ingredients like keratin, green tea extract, seaweed extract, and eco-silk. Hair is left feeling incredibly soft and nourished after using and can have peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals will come near your scalp! What's even more fantastic is how convenient they are for travel…no more worrying about decanting products or the risk of explosions in your luggage. These Podettes are now the first thing I pack, ensuring that my hair stays fabulous wherever I go. Overall, I am incredibly thankful to Mighty Good Stuff for simply existing and for creating such outstanding products. I'm a dedicated customer for life, no question about it.”

- Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Awards

Hang on there’s more to tell you! Humble Brag Incoming…

We also received another, heck yes, another award as our cleaning sprays have been crowned the fine title “Best Sustainable Cleaning Products Retailer in 2024” by LuxLife, a publishing house writing about a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry. And we won, yippee! Hopefully showing that you can grab affordable eco-friendly cleaning sprays that are actually effective… in fact it is the best! (what? Yes, that’s what the award says!)

Oh yeah and maybe the most exciting of the lot (if that’s possible) is that we are now B Corp Pending Certified, woohoo right?! This means that despite being just a start-up we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance set by B Corp, transparency, and accountability. But of course, we are currently working towards being fully B Corp certified, only the best for you!


Wow. We have come so far…

This all came from the reasonable frustration and our crazy idea that it should not be expensive so that we can all make the right choices and to live a more sustainable life. We hope that our cleaning sprays, laundry, dishwasher, and hair care helps you fulfil the eco-warrior in you!


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