Why Us?

Well because we've got goods to make eco-living as easy and B.S. free as possible so get ready to have your socks blown off!


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Our Stuff Actually Works

Our MightyPods (cleaning goodies) have all the natural goodness combined with all the powerful cleaning muscle to make your place dazzling and fabulous with little elbow-grease. Need more proof? They're being used and loved by care homes, local authorities, factories and even hospitals!

Always Affordable

Time to celebrate because we are competitive with the big brands you know. The planet and your budget will thank us for that!

Top-notch quality

Tried and test to industry standard. We love these products and hope you will too.

We Deliver straight to your door (carbon neutral of course)!

We deliver straight to your door, for a quick, easy and effortless experience. All your shipping is carbon neutral too!

Customer support

We are always ready and happy to help if you have any questions whether by the handy chatbox, email or by phone. Pick your fancy!

We do the 'job lot'

From the fridge to the kitchen to the throne and everywhere in between, we do it all, so you're just a couple clicks away from entering 'the green side'!

Feel like you are on holiday...


Designed for you holiday let hosts, as it saves space, actually works, affordable and fantastic for marketing so you can brag you eco-warrior efforts because all our cleaning products are plant powered and plastic-free.

Less rubbish, more time!

You can make the swap to a 'Bottles For Life ' when buying our hand soaps and cleaning products, for less rubbish in your bin and on the planet. Also, our refill boxes are made of recycled cardboard and can be recycled or composted. Your choice, less to separate more to appreciate ❤️

Total Transparency

No pish posh here! We are up-front and clear about our mission, where and how our things are made -because who has the time to decode some green-washing rubbish?


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Carbon Negative, but first reduce

We are carbon negative because there is no time like the present! With seaweed’s rapid growth. But of course, first, we are reducing our carbon footprint! No1. ZERO single use plastic bottles instead they are recycled plastic, No2. all our goodies are made close to home (England), No3. our cleaning products are in a concentrated formula, making them lighter so less energy is needed to transport them!

Made with water efficient materials

Water should be prioritised for life, not products! So, we ensure that all the materials in our fantastic goodies are made and manufactured with sustainability in mind and use as few resources as possible.

Made in the England (and a couple in Europe)

All our products are made in Europe, most being in England to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the quality of our top notch products: our MightyPods, MightyTablets and MightyPodettes are all made here in the England with just a couple exceptions like the Chicoffee (made in France), the sponge (made in Estonia) and the pens are Swiss made.

Vegan & cruelty free, even our ink 

No animals are hurt during the creation of our products! And so of course, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free too. Even our ink!

Ethically sourced

Absolutely YES!

Circular Economy...

No.1) We prioritise recycled and up-cycled packaging and materials, No.2) We lengthen the longevity of products No.3) Our 'forever bottles' keeps plastic in the loop rather than piled in the landfill No.4) We give heaps back to mother nature. Lets break the cycle (or rather the line) and make it circular!

Made with 100% renewable energy

Renewable energy is the future and we say the future is now! So, all our products harness in part or fully this roaring power!


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The MightyPod

Our MightyPods are one of the first in the world to be encased in 100% FSC paper and are made in the UK. This is huge because the film covering most concentrated sachets are made from a petroleum base (fossil fuels), our ones are fossil fuel free, yippee!

MightyPod Refill Boxes

Our MightyPods come in a 100% recycled cardboard box (made in the UK) and printed with vegetable ink and has a Aqueous varnish (water spray based varnish) finish which is completely eco and compostable!

100% Recycled Plastic 'Forever Bottles'

Not to brag, but our cleaning spray bottles are made from 30% recycled plastic - and we've got plans to make that number even higher!

It gets even better with our hand dispenser bottle, washing-up liquid bottle and our refill bottles, which are all made from 100% recycled plastic!

Also, they are designed to be a 'Bottle For Life' meaning you're helping to eliminate all that pesky unwanted single use plastic!

The Delivery Box

Our beautiful delivery boxes are made from materials that come from well-managed, FSC-certified forests. We're currently working on changing to 100% recycled cardboard - but in the meantime, we're still committed to carbon neutral sustainable packaging. So, it's a win-win!

Recycled plastic mailbags

Also due to the lovely British weather we kinda need to use a recycled plastic mailbag to protect your planet-saving package.

Although we are working towards an even more eco-friendly alternative!


Water-intensive stuff, damaging chemicals for you and the adorable animals that live on our planet and nasty non-biodegradable chemicals (yes that's a real thing) that stick around forever!

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Palm Oil Free

Because of the negative impact on the little cuties (animals) and the planet, and because palm oil has been linked to heart disease.

Cotton free

Because it's a thirsty b*tch! Needing up to 20,000 litres of water to grow 1Kg of cotton. Plus there are better alternatives out there!

SLS Free

Because it is considered toxic to aquatic life and irritates your skin and eyes.

VOCs Free

Because it damages the liver, kidneys and central nervous system, and we don't mean to pile it on but it's also carcinogenic.

Chloroform Free

Because it can harm the eyes, skin, liver, kidneys, and nervous system.

BPA Free

Because it affects growth, reproduction, and development in aquatic organisms.

Chlorine Free

Because chlorine plays a major role in the most pressing environmental problems we face today; depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and acid rain.

Phosphorus Free

Because too much phosphorus can cause algae blooms which can result in 'dead zones'.

Phenolic Acid Free

Because phenolic acid is toxic to other aquatic species and destroys the natural ecosystems.

Parabens Free

Because Parabens could potentially lead to cancer formation and coral bleaching which is a tad problematic, as while coral reefs only cover 0.0025 percent of the oceanic floor, they generate half of Earth's oxygen!

 Ammonia Free

Because ammonia can result in blindness, lung damage or even death for us humans.

Chlorine Bleach Free - Instead We Use Oxygen Bleach

Chlorine bleach corrodes your toilet! But more than that it releases chlorine which is highly toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic to wildlife, which accumulates in the food chain and eventually impacts humans.

Instead we use oxygen bleach, the most eco-friendly bleach because it has minimal impact on us and the cute little animals!


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We donate 20% of our profits to Seaweed Farming Innovation!

We donate 20% of our profits to Seaweed Farming Innovation, Cornwall, because Seaweed absorbs up to 20 times more CO2 than trees per acre!

We donate to Surfers Against Sewage

For every MightyPod and MightyTablet bought a contribution is made to Surfers Against Sewage, a brilliant charity that is on a mission to educate people about our oceans and improve water quality!

A tree is planted for every (toilet) roll bought!

A tree is planted for every 100% recycled paper roll bought a tree. So you can reforest from your throne what a (tree)mendous victory!

We are planting a sea sponge for every sponge bought!

We're planting a sea sponge for every (cotton-free cellulose) sponge bought, so it can sponge up that CO2!


This is just the beginning so if they aren't yet, you can bet they will be!