14 Hidden Signs You’re Eco-Friendly:

14 Hidden Signs You’re Eco-Friendly:

1. You buy clothes second-hand

Starting off easy I know, but who doesn’t love a quick nip into the treasure troves of their favorite go-to in-store or online thrith shop, while saving items from the landfill?

2. You repair items whenever possible

Not only could it save a boatload of cash in the long run but also makes sure that the item you bought doesn't need to be chucked into the landfill… what an eco-legend! 


3. You cycle, walk, and use public transport whenever possible 

Basically, you try to boycott private vehicles for transportation whenever possible, to reduce the amount of fossil fuels you need to burn to get from A to B, what a great 2-in-1, lowering your CO2 footprint and being healthier! 

4. You take showers instead of baths

Showers are often better for the environment as they use less water than the average bath. While a bath can hold up to 80 litres, a typical eight minute electric shower will use 62 litres. 

5. You use reusable bottles and cups 

This is another staple of the plastic-busting planet savers, but it really is such a simple step for you and such a massive leap for our planet A! We recommend investing in a reusable water bottle you like and can last you a long time - for maximum planet-saving benefits.


6. You switch off the light when you’re not in the room 

Heard this one before? Yes, well it's because there are bonkers CO2 savings through energy savings which also lets you save a shed load dosh… all with one flick of a switch, we’re in!

7. You never buy single-use items

Ok, it’s similar to the point above but refusing to accept anything but the best for our planet is the kindest and the best thing to do, as it means fewer resources are going to things that will just get tossed into the rubbish, plus 9 out of the 10 times in the long run going reusable is the most wallet-friendly option too. 

8. You always compost your organic waste 

Who knew that smelly pile of compost could save so many greenhouse emissions (like one of the worst offenders, methane) and support a circular economy… of course, you did!

9. Your hair care routine is vegan or cruelty-free (or both!)

You know you’re eco-friendly when you’re hair care routine is taking care of the planet… just a cheeky Introduction to your new haircare obsession (and newly award-winning) pH-balanced, vegan, hand-made in Britain and all-natural ingredients shampoo & conditioner bars! 


10. You hate green-washing 

If you ever felt a sudden rise of rage at the mere sight of green-washing congrats, you are part of the hopefully not-so-exclusive eco-warrior club and we’re all for it because who has time to decode that rubbish?

11. You avoid plastic straws
Consciously reducing your plastic consumption and showing the people around you that’s it good to do so, well what a legend! Side note, if you have special needs and need a plastic straw, it’s ok you are still part of the planet-saving crew.

12. You have stacks of glass jars ready to be upcycled

Basically, every eco-friendly person has a little corner in their kitchen cupboard dedicated to waiting for the inspiration to be upcycled. 

13. You use up all your NON zero waste stuff before buying the zero waste swaps

I know, we were there it’s so annoying using all the not cute waste-full rubbish but surprisingly its more wasteful to not use it, but if you really don’t want to use it all up you can always give it to a friend or put it on a no-buy group.


14. You have joined our newsletter - hear us out 

If you got all 14 then hats off to you… you're eco-friendly, want to find easy ways to continue the living sustainably then join our newsletter! And get quick ways you can save money and the planet. 

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