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Try our refillable + sustainable cleaning products at supermarket prices.

What do you get?

  • Compostable kitchen sponge, x6
  • 100% recycled scourer, x12
  • All-purpose cleaner, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • Bathroom cleaner, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • Glass cleaner, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • Air freshener, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • kitchen degreaser, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • Anti-bac, x2 MightyPods & bottle
  • Floor cleaner, x4 MightyPods
  • Toilet cleaner, x2 MightyPods & Bottle
  • Hand & body liquid wash, x2 MightyPods & 1x 250ml bottle & 1x 1L bottle
  • Compostable bin liners, x52 5L bags  



All our 'Bottles For Life' are made from recycled materials and designed to last, reducing your impact, saving your time and saving our planet. Nice job winning the war on waste!

For more info about our mighty eco bottles look below :)

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Doing some good...

20% of the profits of all products sold go to planting seaweed plus for every MIghtPod and MightyTablet sold a donation has been made to the Surfers Against Sewage.

Free From:

- Free from BPA, VOCs & SLS
- Free from fragrances
- Free from ammonia
- Free from chlorine & bleaches
- Free from palm oil
- Free from phthalates

Why are our MightyPods are so eco...

Our MightyPods are wrapped in FSC paper (most concentated pods are made from PVOH AKA petroleum).

Also, our MightyPods reduces the carbon footprint of your cleaning products by 95% compared to non-concentrated formulas.

Why our sponge & scourer are separate:

Because scourers often need to be replaced more frequently than sponges, we keep them separate so that the sponge can be used for longer, which is better for the planet and better for your wallet.

Perfect For Industrial & Home Composting:

Our compost bag is Seedling Certified and so it will break down completely in an industrial composter. Industrial composting reaches higher temperatures than in a garden compost and so it takes between 3 to 6 months in a home compost and only 3 months in an industrial compost.

More info about our Bottles For Life

Not to brag, but our cleaning spray bottles & triggers are made from 30% recycled plastic - and we've got plans to make that number even higher!

It gets even better with our hand dispenser bottle, washing-up liquid bottle, and our 'top-me-up' bottles, which are all made from (except the dispenser pump and lid) 100% recycled plastic!

Also, they are designed to be a 'Bottle For Life' meaning you're helping to eliminate all that pesky unwanted single use plastic!


We believe so strongly you are going to be absolutely besotted with our magnificent mighty goodies. So we are introducing the 'happiness guarantee' a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days