Huge Savings - One Button Away

Huge Savings - One Button Away

This week’s simple swap saves up to 59% on the portion of your annual energy bill
that relates to your washing machine, and it’s just by pushing a button.

This enormous saving is due to the eco settings on washing machines, provided
you use a low temperature and this results in ‘saving up to 59% of the energy of
your washing machine' according to The Guardian.

This is because heating the water takes the most energy, 90% of a washing
machine’s energy consumption comes from heat. The actual spinning of the drum
uses very little power in comparison.

In addition, wash modes are always a mix of three things: temperature, time and
water. With eco mode, you’re using less water and a lower temperature than most
settings. Although, you are in for a longer wash to get the same level of cleaning.

Based on an average of eight loads of laundry per week, multiplied by four weeks
in a month, the average monthly cost to do laundry is £166.72. This results in up to
£99 in monthly savings. Over the course of a year, the savings could reach up to

During, the 80 years average life span, you could see savings of up to £95,040 and
this would increase depending on the number in your household.In addition, studies show that the eco mode drastically reduces electricity consumption by 33% and the water consumption by ‘36% compared to a normal laundry cycle’, shown by the research of a consumer association in Spain.

On average, washing machines use 19 gallons of water per load, which, for the
average household that runs between 5 and 6 loads per week, adds up to an
unforeseen amount of 5,605 gallons of water per year: equating to an astonishing
average water savings of 2,017 gallons of water.

To reduce your water footprint further always put on full load. Reducing our water
footprint is quintessential as there is a growing water scarcity. Reservoirs that
collect water from the River Thames supply much of London's water, but the South East is classed as seriously water stressed. Climate change and a growing
population are putting increasing pressure on the capital's water supply.
Unless water use is drastically reduced, severe water shortage will affect the entire
planet by 2040.

Reaching ‘Day Zero’ is the day when a city's taps run dry and people have to stand in line to collect a daily quota of water. Countries like; South Africa, Morocco,
India, Iraq and Spain, etc are already facing water scarcity.

It is extraordinary that the ‘eco mode’ on your washing machine can save you
£1,188 annually just by pushing a button. Saving the planet, saving you money.
Next week’s simple swap is another simple step in reducing your water footprint
and reducing your bills.

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